RULER Overview for Families
Practicing RULER Skills at Home

    Using The Mood Meter at Home:


    1. Post a Mood Meter in your home in a visible area.
    2. Use a nametag, special magnet, photo, or picture to represent each family member- check-in throughout the day (morning, after school/work, bedtime) and move your image around depending on your mood.
    3. Ask questions: Where are you on the mood meter? What caused you to feel that way? How can you stay there or move to a different quadrant? What is that emotion called? How can I help you move to the green?
    4. Talk about how to prevent or reduce red and blue feelings and how to initiate, maintain, and enhance yellow and green feelings.
    5. While some emotions may be uncomfortable, remember, there are no ‘bad’ emotions, all feelings are ok!
    6. Keep a journal: Use different colors for different moods. Use the journal to understand what triggers different feeling
    7. Plot characters in a book on the Mood Meter: Where are they on the Mood Meter? Why? How can they stay or move to a different quadrant?
    8. Come up with a song that represents each quadrant and play a song to express or generate different emotions.