• District and Board Goals for 2019-2020


    Board Goals 2019-2020

    • Increase communication with all constituents
    • Increase Board of Education presence within the community
    • Increase Board of Education presence within the district

    District Goals 2019-2020

    • Goal One:  Implement Year Four of Strategic Coherence Plan
      • Create an SCP Steering Committee to create a plan that will focus on student outcomes
      • Develop goals within the plan regarding student learning outcomes

    • Goal Two:  Community Relations
      • Bridging the gap between the District and the school community
      • Create a Community Key Communicators Committee
      • Increase public relations via all social media - one voice

    • Goal Three:  Increase Leadership Capacity
      • Faculty Advisory Committee
      • Provide meaningful professional development for district leaders
      • Build capacity and trust amongst all leaders