• District and Board Goals for 2021-2022


    District Goals 2021-2022

    • Goal #1:  Continuity of Instruction
      • Continue to prioritize healthy and safe in-person instruction for all students
      • Develop flexible models to maintain continuity of instruction for students who are quarantined due to school-based exposures

    • Goal #2:  Brewster Vision 2026
      • Chart the course of the District for the next five years though a Strategic Planning Process

    • Goal #3:  Strengthen Student Learning
      • Development of curricular documents for all content areas and grade levels, K-12
      • Develop and examine common assessments in all content areas and grade levels, K-12
      • Alignment of common pre and post observations questions to reinforce District priorities

    In Pursuit of Strengthening Student Learning: Professional Learning Community

    The Brewster Central School District aims to be a thriving Professional Learning Community as a group of committed educators who:

    • work collaboratively within an ongoing and reflective process;
    • are focused on and examine evidence of student learning;
    • willingly and openly share best practices;
    • engage in an extensive support system designed to help students meet and exceed learning standards;
    • embrace and support individual and collegial professional growth;
    • create actionable items for teachers, students, and families necessary for student support and growth

    • Goal #4:  Equity
      • Foster a Welcoming and Affirming Environment through Developmental Relationships
        Flowchart showing Equity in the BCSD filter down to Teaching & Learning, Data Systems, Family & Community Engagement and MTSS
    • Goal #4A:  Equity: Teaching and Learning
      • Curriculum
        • Articulated, consistent, living document
        • Curriculum review cycle
      • Defining Excellence /Success
      • Professional Learning

    • Goal #4B: Equity: MTSS
      • Multi-tiered Systems of Support (MTSS)
      • Academic and behavioral
      • Timely interventions in order to help each student achieve their version of success
      • Professional Learning

    • Goal #4C: Equity: Data Systems
      • Adoption of EDUclimber
      • Assessment for instruction
      • Professional learning

    • Goal #4d: Equity: Parent & Community Engagement
      • Two-way communication
      • Partnerships
      • All voices are heard

    • Goal #5: Pre-Kindergarten
      • Vigorously pursue an off-campus option for the new pre-K funding
      • Lead a Pre-K Commission to make recommendations regarding the role that pre-K plays in our long-term planning

    Board Goals 2021-2022

    1. Expand Community Engagement

      The Board will endeavor to expand its profile within the community to convey and promote District initiatives (including Brewster Vision 2026 and the Facilities Task Force), and to develop a better understanding of the public’s needs, concerns and expectations through:

      • Community forums;
      • Board surveys; and
      • Encouraging community members serving on District committees to communicate the objectives and recommendations of those committees to residents within and outside the school community.

    2. The Board will support the District in its efforts to strengthen student learning by directing the resources necessary to address achievement gaps and the social and emotional impact of the pandemic on our students. 

    3. The Board will encourage and support our administrators, faculty and staff in their efforts to effectively address the needs and aspirations of all of our students and will engage in continued outreach and discussion to reach a more complete understanding of those needs and aspirations.
    4. The Board will engage in training (such as that offered by NYSSBA and the Westchester Putnam School Boards Association) to build a comprehensive understanding of its responsibilities so it is better able to provide the necessary support to the Superintendent, administrators, teachers and staff.


    2021-22 District & Board of Education Goals Presentation