• "Individual talents get magnified many times over through the collective lens of an effective team."
    Dalal Haldeman

  • Brewster Vision 2026   

    In Brewster, we believe that in order to be informed and engaged global citizens, students need the skills of critical and creative thinking, collaboration, communication, perseverance, civic responsibility and adaptability. Vision 2026 aims to establish strong structural supports in the areas of academic programming, student well-being, the learning environment, community partners and human resources that foster these 21st century skills.

    Success in the 21st century takes many forms. With this in mind, the Brewster Central School District began updating its five-year strategic plan during the 2021-2022 school year. Dozens of stakeholders including students, staff, parents, Board of Education trustees, community partners and administrators worked together to envision the next leg of Brewster’s educational journey. A Strategic Planning team of 30 members was responsible for synthesizing and communicating the district’s vision, while Action Teams comprising about 50 people focused on discrete areas. Brewster Vision 2026 would not have been possible without the insight, dedication and input of all of the participants from the Strategic Planning Team and Action Teams. We invite you to learn more about our findings, hopes and plans for the future.


    The mission of BCSD, the unifying center of a diverse community that embraces, engages and supports every student, is to educate, inspire, and create multiple pathways for success that foster responsible and impactful global citizens through the use of authentic and dynamic learning experiences that instill intellectual risk-taking, critical and creative thinking, and nurture student well-being in partnership with school, home and the community.


    BCSD believes that learning is iterative; that students are not defined by a test score; that all students should be supported and guided towards achieving their full potential; that diversity should be embraced; that equity ensures students have access to opportunities to pursue their version of success; that mental, emotional and physical health are necessary for optimal learning; that all students should be known, affirmed and safe; that strong relationships are essential to student success; that developing student sense of self and voice is essential; and that a strong home, school and community partnership is key to supporting every student.


  • Academic Programming Students will engage
    in relevant, meaningful and
    challenging academic and
    extracurricular programming that
    fosters critical and creative
    thinking, problem solving,
    collaboration, communication,
    perseverance, adaptability and
    civic responsibility
  • Learning Environment Students will be part of
    a dynamic learning environment
    that is safe and allows
    for optimal learning conditions
    and opportunities to
    develop individual strengths
    that lead to post-secondary
  • Student Well-Being Students will be part
    of a safe, supportive learning
    community exhibited by a
    strong sense of belonging,
    strong student-staff relationships,
    and mental, physical and
    social emotional well-being.
  • Community Partners Students will be part of a
    home-school community partnership
    and support system that
    allows opportunities for attainment
    of academic, personal
    and extracurricular goals.
  • Human Resources Students will be part
    of an educational system
    in which high-quality staff
    are recruited, retained
    and supported to further
    student learning and growth.