• Tips & Tricks for Supporting Digital Distance Learning at Home

    1. Provide structure, including breaks and meals in chunks of time (20 minutes at a time for our youngest learners followed by a short break to 60 minutes at a time for our oldest students).

    2. Following a schedule will be helpful.  

      Sample Schedule for K-5

      Multicolored table showing days of the week and subject area for each day

      At the grades 6-12 level, students are responsible for the work for classes that run on that specific day.

    3. For longer term assignments, students could benefit assistance in pacing.  Teachers will assist with this as well.

    4. Work is asynchronous unless otherwise posted/stated by that teacher.  This means that they do not have to be doing period one work during that time frame.  Students should be doing work assigned for the day and complete the work by due dates.

    5. To the extent possible, work in various breaks for physical activity.

    6. Encourage supervised virtual student to student interaction.

    7. Set up a physical space that could be a productive work space for students.