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Woman of Distinction

Brewster's own Ann Marie Chalmers was one of 63 Women of Distinction honored this week at the Capitol. These women were each nominated by their state senator for making a difference in the community.


Senator Harckham selected Chalmers, a monitor at Brewster High School, for her lead-by-example attitude and tireless work to create a supportive community. "Her spirit transcends her responsibilities, leading her to serve as an unofficial mentor, counselor and mediator to many students," said Harckham. 


"The Brewster Community is so grateful for the dedication and spirit of Ann Marie Chalmers, “ said  Superintendent Laurie Bandlow, “she works every day for our students. We congratulate her on this prestigious award. It is well deserved."


"I am so humbled to get this award--there were so many impressive women at the ceremony--I have a unique role here and feel so blessed to be part of the Brewster community," said Chalmers. 


Chalmers, who grew up in a large family, and an unpredictable environment, is like a glorified mother to students, "They create me," she said.


"I had a tough time in high school and those are such precious years. I always am careful and treat each student with respect, you never know what happens outside those doors. These are the last four years of childhood and so many memories are made. Every kid has a story."


Most importantly, Chalmers is a woman of distinction for her own children--she has three daughters and one son.


On Facebook, her middle daughter Fiona Chalmers Palladino wrote: "My mom always goes above and beyond without ever expecting for it to be returned. She cares deeply for so many people, particularly the kids in the Brewster community. She is a woman of her word and would never ask others to do anything she wouldn’t do herself. She has a solution for everything (even if you don’t ask for it!) She won’t hesitate to jump feet first into things she knows nothing about making her a Jack of all trades. My mom is blunt and will tell you how it is but also remind you life is full of chances. She works tirelessly to make her community a better place and believes in empowering others to do the same. 


Words don’t properly convey how proud I am of her and the legacy she continues to build for herself. She sets the bar high and continues to find the energy to do big things. I love you so much and I’m grateful to have been raised by a strong, independent, distinguished woman!”


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