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Amelia's Door Is Always Open

Amelia Carpanzano is the brand new Director of Pupil Services at Brewster Central School District and her door is always open. “I want to build strong relationships first and foremost,” said Carpanzano, “so of course my door is going to be open.” She’s also got a bowl of candy on her desk and newly painted warm blue walls and always has a huge smile–she is intent on creating a welcoming space.

What is Pupil Services? It is Amelia’s job to provide a system of pupil personnel services consisting of health services, counseling, social work and special education instructional supports that enhance opportunities to ensure all students graduate.

She has hit the ground running. Amelia has toured the buildings, dropped into classrooms, met with teachers and students, and attended life skills events. She is planning to host a Meet the Director Event on Tuesday, November 28th at 7:30 - 9:00 AM and 6:30- 7:30 PM in the Brewster High School Lobby to give people an opportunity to say hello, and will be creating a newsletter to connect teachers, students and families.

“Each week I spend time in our schools visiting classrooms and getting to know staff and students.  Being visible is extremely important to me,” said Carpanzano.

Amelia has a passion for special education and it would seem that every job she’s had has led her here. She began her career in elementary education, worked as a literary specialist, and then became an Assistant Principal and CSE Chairperson working closely with parents, educators and administrators. She then worked as the Assistant Director of PPS in the Blind Brook-Rye School District. She is an active member of PNW BOCES Leadership Institute Planning Committee and serves on many special education forums.

And, she lives in Brewster. Her children are students at Wells and C.V. Starr. She has been a girl scout leader, a cheer and lacrosse coach, and volunteered for many school events.

“I am so excited to be here,” said Carpanzano.

“I am a big ‘backwards design’ person,” she continued. “I have the end in mind. I want to connect us all and make sure our programming is very inclusive. Ultimately, my biggest hope is to see students with disabilities succeed academically, socially, and emotionally, and to help them reach their full potential in collaboration with administrators, teachers, parents, and support staff to create supportive and inclusive educational environments.”