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NJROTC Win Big at SUNY Maritime Drill Meet

Brewster NJROTC won first place this month at the annual SUNY Maritime Drill Meet–the first time in over twenty years.  Approximately 40 cadets competed in seven different events: Varsity Drill, First Year Drill, Varsity Color Guard, First Year Color Guard, Academics, Athletics, and an Inspection.  It was an all-day event with schools from up and down the eastern seaboard, from Delaware to Maine. Brewster placed first, second or third in six of the seven events and placed first overall.


“The students are just so dedicated–we have had to add extra morning drill team and color guard team practices because more and more students are signing up and coming to practice. We are now three mornings a week practicing at the elementary school and two mornings a week at the high school,” said Command Master Chief Michael Campbell. 


“It was so exciting,” said Jarridd Bryggman, “it was a nine-hour day, but we finally broke Southhold’s sixteen-year streak. Some of the challenges were really cool. For athletics we had to do things like timed fireman’s carry–it was like boot camp. And personnel inspection is just like the Marine Corps PT test.”


The recent success of the program is not surprising.There are more and more students signing up for Brewster NJROTC–currently 155 students are enrolled in the program. 


“Our recent success is all about the students and how well they work together and like each other.  There is such a mix of students who are involved–captain of the wrestling team, member of the symphonic orchestra, volunteer for Life Skills–everyone gets along,” said Campbell.


“As a unit, as a team, we’ve come so far,” said Danna Madrid-Hernandez, “While we were waiting to go next at SUNY, I was nervous since this was my first time competing with upperclassmen and commanding the team as well.  When we finished the drill card, seeing Master Chief and the happiness on his face made me realize that all the early mornings and all the early Dunkin’ runs were so worth it.”


Hu-Rah Brewster NJROTC!