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Book Lovers Unite!

Brewster High School students who love books came together and created a book club--with the full support of Principal Horler and with the help of teacher adviser Kim Perillo. In their first year, they have read mysteries, thrillers, women's fiction and dystopian books. They meet monthly and discuss what they've read, give and get recommendations, play Scrabble, and eat snacks–”book-y things” explained Perillo.


“I love reading, and I joined the club to be consistent with my reading and to improve my studies,” said sophomore Samantha Eligio.


The two students who started the club, Taylor Dudones and Neha Kakkanattu plan out each meeting and organize the theme for the month.  They also come up with a list of book recommendations based on the theme. 


“We don’t all read the same book, but we come together and discuss the book we read,” said Jordan Ross, “I read a great book called "Carrie Soto is Back" by Taylor Jenkins about a female athlete who came back for one last match.”


Diego Morales, a sophomore, joined because he loves to read, and the club is fun-- “I just love to talk about books.”


The club also plans activities such as “Spring Is Here” with the Pre-K students who are just starting to learn how to read. Just last week, they learned their first “sight” word.


 "We love to read and want to share our love of reading with Brewster's youngest students." explained Neha. 

And they did. The club members read to groups of students a little book entitled "Spring Is Here"--talked to them about spring and oversaw the coloring of rainbow and snails and butterfly stickers.