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New Assistant Director PPS

Amalia Berdecia is the new Assistant Director of Pupil Personnel Services (PPS). Amelia Carpanzano is the new Director of PPS. Amalia and Amelia. Amelia and Amalia. They are the dream team.


As the Assistant Director of PPS, Amalia is responsible for the Committee for Preschool Special Education Service ages 3-5 years old (CPSE), JFK and C.V. Starr Special Education and 504 services. Bringing 19 years of experience as a Special Education teacher in a New York City public school and as an Administrator for Special Education, she brings a wealth of expertise to her new role. Residing in Putnam Valley, Amalia expresses her gratitude for the warm reception she has received in Brewster, noting the supportive and collaborative culture in the community.


“I am so honored to have been selected for the role. Everyone in Brewster has been so welcoming. What I have realized already is that Brewster has a great culture–so supportive and collaborative.”


Since stepping into her role last month, Amalia’s schedule has been packed with CSE meetings.  


“When I don’t have a meeting, I try to pop into classrooms to visit with teachers. Last week there was a meet and greet for families. It’s all about building relationships in the community,” she explains, emphasizing the importance of fostering strong connections within the school community while also examining the strengths of the special education programs and identifying areas for enhancement to better serve Brewster.


“I am a product of bilingual education,” reflecting on her experience that shaped her perspective. Amalia and her family settled in the Bronx when she was an infant escaping the civil war in Nicaragua. Now, as an educator, she advocates for the advantages of bilingualism and understanding different cultures in Brewster's diverse community. With empathy, she helps families navigate learning and language challenges, leaning from her own experiences to ensure every child gets the support they need to succeed.


More than anything she has been impressed by the Brewster community.


“Between the teachers, administrators and families–everyone is focused on supporting all learners. I am just excited to be a part of it.”