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Building Relationships

In an effort to strengthen the partnership between Brewster High School and Spanish-speaking families, faculty and staff came together to offer information sessions in the families’ home language.  


"Offering families a safe space to voice their questions and concerns was not only empowering for the participants, but allowed us to further learn how to strengthen the partnership between school and home," said School Counselor Dennise Barahona.


This year, BHS offered a session in October welcoming 80 adult participants and a more recent one in April, welcoming 140 adults.  


“The attendance was impressive,” said Barahona, “and witnessing the parent involvement firsthand was a heartwarming experience for the BHS family.”  


“Meeting with the families in person is a great opportunity to make connections and provide services and resources. With access to administrators, teachers, and counselors, parents and guardians had an opportunity to learn about the different roles and how each contributes to their child's learning,” said Maider Solores, Community Outreach Specialist.


The sessions included topics ranging from academic support in the classroom to navigating communication through online platforms. Tech support was available for families needing access to ParentSquare and the Infinite Campus parent portal. The addition of bilingual BHS student volunteers, assisting in childcare and technology, added to the success of the evening.  


"Students reported their parents now have access to grades and attendance records through the Infinite Campus portal.  It is this very connection to resources which allows families to support their students in having a successful high school experience," said Barahona.