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BHS Senior George Handal Headed To Rice to Play D1 Baseball

Brewster High School Senior George Handal is headed to Rice University to play D-1 baseball. To reach the dream, he certainly put in his 10,000 hours. But all that practice and work would never have paid off if he didn’t love the game.


“I’ve been playing since I was four years old. In Honduras, by the time I was five, I was playing with 12-year-olds. When we moved here, I played Little League–which helped with friends and learning English–and won every season. I just love to win.”


When he’s not playing baseball, he is busy studying other players.


“I love to watch college baseball. The players are hungrier and the environment is so intense. They hustle to the bases and dive for balls every play. I’m a fan of Paul Skenes, who was just drafted from LSU and throws effortlessly.”


His sights have always been set on playing D-1 baseball. 


“I started taking baseball really seriously after my shoulder injury during junior year. I slid on the basepath and overstretched. At that time, I was only throwing 86 mph; to go D1, you need to throw a minimum 90 mph. So I went to a training program to improve my velocity. I worked out every single day, waking up at 4 am to run and working out after school for hours and repeating it.”


His family has been an inspiration.


“My parents own a food truck–I’guana tacos–and are up early and back late every night. My dad–who achieved great things in the military–made me know if I wanted to play D1 baseball, I needed to work hard.”


This past winter, it all came together at a showcase at Rice University.


“It was unseasonably cold in January in Houston Texas. But I was pitching 92 mph from the mound, and the coaches were impressed. They all came up to me afterwards and asked me all types of questions.”


Why did he pick Rice?


“There were other schools that recruited me, but I picked Rice because it is a really good academic school and safe. I want to study biology and become a dentist. But it was really the coaches that I clicked with–they were down to earth, Latino and just have an amazing vibe.”


What are George’s hopes and dreams for college?


“I really want to succeed–put the team ahead; get MLB scouts to hear my name and break some records.”


But the thing that sets George apart is his background and perspective.


“The thing with me is that I am from another country. That has shaped me. I wrote about it in my college essay–when my mom and I were robbed in Honduras. I am just grateful that I got to come to the United States to see the other side. I still have family in Honduras who have a tough time and don’t go to school. I am just thankful that my parents brought us here–not everyone gets to come to this country.”