10. What standards do pre-K programs need to meet from a facilities perspective?

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Per the Commissioner’s Regulations,

(a) All buildings, premises, equipment and furnishings used for the universal prekindergarten program shall be safe and suitable for the comfort and care of the children, shall comply with all applicable requirements of the Americans With Disabilities Act and shall be provided and maintained in a state of good repair and sanitation.

(c) Except for schools in the city of New York, buildings and classrooms operated by the school district, but located off school grounds, shall meet the New York State Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code (9 NYCRR Parts 600 through 1250), section 151-2.7 of this Part and section 155.7 of this Title or its equivalent (notwithstanding the exemption for schools in cities with populations over 125,000 persons) and Part 418 of the regulations of the Department of Social Services (18 NYCRR Part 418).

(e) Buildings and classrooms operated by eligible agencies shall meet all applicable fire safety and building codes and any applicable facility requirements of a State or local licensing or registering