• Finance Committee Authority

    Pursuant to Board of Education policy #4321 Citizens Advisory Committees, the Board of Education of the Brewster Central School District has established a Finance Committee to assist the Board of Education in the oversight of financial activities. The Finance Committee shall be advisory and any recommendations it provides to the Board shall not be substituted for any required review and acceptance by the Board of Education.


    The Board of Education of the Brewster Central School District has established a Finance Committee to provide analysis to the Board in the oversight of the following items:

    • Revenues
    • Expenditures
    • Fund Balance & Reserves
    • External factors that may impact long range financial planning
    • Communications between the Board of Education and community at large

    Composition and Requisite Skills

    The District’s Finance Committee may be comprised of representatives from the Board of Education, community members, and staff members.

    Duties and Responsibilities

    Members of the Finance Committee shall perform their duties in good faith, in a manner they reasonably believe to be in the best interests of the Committee and the District with such care as a generally prudent person in a similar position would use under similar circumstances. The Committee will hold regularly scheduled meetings and administer other related duties as prescribed by the Board of Education and its policies.

    Meetings and Notification

    An agenda should be clearly determined in advance of the meeting and members should also receive supporting documents in advance, for reasonable review and consideration. The Finance Committee shall prepare minutes of each meeting. At a minimum, the minutes will include the following:

    • Copies of the meeting agenda
    • Date, attendance and location of the meeting
    • Brief summary of the topics discussed
    • Copies of materials discussed or presented at the meeting
    • A record of all actions or recommendations agreed to by the committee

    Review of the Charter

    The Brewster Central School District Finance Committee shall assess and report to the Board of Education on the adequacy of this Charter on an annual basis. Charter modifications, as recommended by the Finance Committee, should be presented to the Board of Education in writing for their review and action.


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