• Brewster Central School District
    Code of Conduct 2022-2023

    III.  Vision, Mission & Profile of a Graduate

    Over time the Brewster Central School District has engaged in multiple collaborative processes to define our collective direction. As a result, the District has established Vision and Mission statements, as well as a Profile of a Graduate, that summarizes our aspirations and goals.


    We believe that a Brewster Central School District education will be appropriate, challenging, holistic and will prepare students to be successful, productive citizens who contribute to society.


    The mission of BCSD, the unifying center of a diverse community that embraces, engages, and supports every student, is to educate, inspire, and create multiple pathways for success that fosters responsible and impactful global citizens through the use of authentic and dynamic learning experiences that instill intellectual risk-taking, critical and creative thinking, and nurtures student well-being in partnership between school, home, and the community.

    Profile of a Graduate

    • Critical Thinking
    • Collaboration/Communication
    • Adaptability
    • Civic Responsibility
    • Perseverance


    Conveys the ability to solve problems, reflect, and use logical reasoning.  Collects, assesses, and analyzes relevant information to create, innovate, change and improve.  Habitually takes intellectual risks without prompting .  Applies skills to real life situations.


    Exhibits the ability to work as a team member to discuss, negotiate, problem solve, and compromise to achieve a common goal.  Shares the responsibility and communicates effectively and confidently to accomplish a common goal. Consistently works with others to acquire information needed to complete a task or goal.


    Displays the ability to be open-minded and engage in dialogue with others to consider multiple viewpoints. Brings a sense of courage to unfamiliar situations.  Exhibits the ability to accept criticism, admit mistakes and view failure as an opportunity to learn.


    Projects the ability to make a difference in the civic life of our communities.  Promotes and contributes to the interconnectedness of our communities through both political and nonpolitical activities.


    Puts forth a “stick to it” attitude and possess stamina and persistence.  Works confidently until the goal is met and the task is accomplished.  Overcomes and learns from mistakes through the adoption of a “not yet” growth mindset.