Project Based Learning

  • In March of 2016, our Board of Education adopted our Strategic Coherence Plan, which outlines five 21st Century Success Skills that we wish for our students to embody. The identification and articulation of these values have resulted in a strategic vision that asks our educators to unleash their expertise and intentionally integrate these skills throughout our curriculum, instruction, assessment, professional learning and learning environment.

    An organic outgrowth of these efforts has been the desire for more professional learning regarding project based learning. In the spring of 2018, we partnered with the Buck Institute for Education, an internationally renowned organization that offers the gold standard in PBL professional learning. In the summer of 2018, over 25 teachers and administrators participated in a PBL 101 workshop held onsite in Brewster. In November of 2018 we followed up with a Project Slice, also held onsite and facilitated by Buck Institute staff. We are thrilled to share some examples of this excellent work produced by our educators. We will be adding to this as the exciting work of project based learning continues to grow.