Safety in Our Schools Presentation

  • Below is a summary of information that was presented at a recent School Safety Presentation.  

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    You can watch the entire presentation on video here | Slideshow Presentation


    Safety Planning

    • Building level and District wide Safety Committees meet monthly to discuss concerns and improve plans
    • Proactively review and update Building-Level Emergency Response Plans and District-wide Safety Plan
    • Unified response throughout the District (Incident Command System (FEMA))
    • Annual safety and mental health training provided to ALL staff before September 15th

    Safety Controls

    • Visitor Management System (Raptor)
    • Door Access Control System
    • Video Camera Surveillance System
    • Radio Communications System
    • Anonymous Alerts System
    • Securly Alerts (Bullying, Grief/Self Harm, Violence)
    • School Resource Officers (SRO) located in all four school buildings
      • Additional Special Patrol Officer (SPO) located at Brewster High School

    Additional Training

    • Incident Command System (ICS) Training
    • Threat Assessment Training
    • Handle with Care Training
    • Stop the Bleed Training
    • De-Escalation Training
    • Greeter Training
    • Monitor Training
    • Tabletop Training

    Annual Drills

    • Shelter-in-Place
    • Hold-in-Place
    • Evacuation:  8 per building (required)
      • Walkaway
    • Lockout
    • Lockown: 4 per building (required)
      • Enhanced Lockdown Procedures

    Emergency Response Protocols (SHELL)

    • Shelter in Place - something is going on and it is not safe for us to leave the building
      • Weather, chemical spill outdoors, radiological emergency, etc.
    • Hold in Place - something is happening in the building and we need to keep the students away from the affected area
      • Medical emergency, localized chemical spill/odor, concerning behavior that has not reached threat levels, physical altercations, etc.
    • Evacuation - something is happening in the building and we need to leave
      • Fire, chemical spill, gas leak, etc.
    • Lockout - we need to keep someone or something out of our building
      • Criminal activity in neighborhood, wild or rabid animal sighting
    • Lockdown - ONLY used for an active assailant or weapon in building.  Expect that the building occupants are in danger of imminent harm

    In the School Buildings

    • JFK
      • Dr. Zamperlin, Mr. Conroy, and Deputy Suppa
    • CVS
      • Mrs. Andriello, Mr. Stellacci, and Deputy Sangalli
    • WMS
      • Mrs. Hernandez, Mrs. Manguso, and Deputy Diveglio
    • BHS
      • Ms. Horler, Mr. Rodriguez, Mrs. Cole, and Deputy Sadowski

    Areas for Improvement

    • Additional refresher trainings for staff throughout the year
    • Provide parents/guardians and students with resources for safety information
      • website
      • Newsletters
    • Safety Audit to evaluate the effectiveness of our physical controls and behavioral protocols
    • Add complexity and spontaneity to training drills
    • "Situational Awareness:" we've locked what?

    How Parents/Guardians Can Help

    • Review the "SHELL" protocols at home with your students
    • In an emergency, do not come to the school unless we ask you to:
      • You will delay our ability to reunite you with your students
      • You may impede the police or other first responders
    • Listen to the instructions during an emergency
    • Follow the instructions during an emergency
    • Trust us and law enforcement to do our best to keep your students safe