• Campus Cleaning and Improvements

    The Facilities Department makes it a priority to keep the Brewster Central School District campus clean, and they continue to improve and upgrade facilities.  Here are some photos and videos that show the work that is being done throughout the district.

  • Rooms Thoroughly Cleaned and Disinfected

Description of the cleaning and disinfecting process in classrooms

  • Countertop After Disinfecting

    Shiny countertop
    The lines are residual disinfectant left behind after drying.

  • Turf Blanket Going Down on December 16th

    Workers laying out a long rectangular white plastic sheet on the field
    The blanket insulates the turf and allows for growth during the off season

  • Dirt and Seed Grass Patch

    Close up of patch of grass with dirt and seed spots
    This spot was dirt and seed when the blanket went down on December 16th.


New Rigid Pro Press Tool

New tool that allows us to do work in confined spaces and also fixes plumbing without flame so work can be done during school.

  • New Water Fountain/Bottle Filler

    Water fountain and bottle filler
    New water fountain and bottle filler installed at Brewster High School. This is the first of four to be installed

  • Lockers Being Disinfected

One of our hard working custodians wipes down all of the lockers

  • New Waxing System

This new waxing system applies wax more evenly and efficiently

  • Turf Blanket Being Removed on March 18, 2020

  • Improved Patch of Grass

    Close up view of a very green and full grass patch
    This grass patch was much improved over the winter with use of the turf blanket.

  • Bleacher Tool

Tool designed by staff to open and close bleachers and prevent injury.