• Brewster Central School District
    Code of Conduct 2022-2023

    VIII.  Guidelines Regarding Conduct of Employees, Parents, Visitors and Contractors

    1. Conduct and Language Deemed Acceptable
      1. Employees – Conduct, dress and language for employees on school property shall be determined in accordance with law and collective bargaining agreements.
      2. Parent(s) and Visitors – Conduct, dress and language of visitors on school property shall be governed by Sections VII, IX, and X of this Code.
      3. Contractors with the school District will be required to adhere to the District policy section regarding conduct and language on school property, as applicable. See IX and X of this Code.

    Any violation of the Code, at any point during the school year, and with respect to employees, parents, visitors and contractors, could result in the loss of privileges, including school-sponsored events, such as proms or dances, daytime or after-school events, participation or attendance in athletic events, or participation or attendance at graduation.  Egregious acts, including senior pranks, may result in the aforementioned consequences, as well as revocation of school-issued employment certificates (i.e. working papers).