• Brewster Central School District
    Code of Conduct 2022-2023


    XV.  Provisions for Notifying Outside Agencies

    A cooperative effort will be maintained between the school administration and law enforcement agencies. Law enforcement officials may be summoned in order to conduct an investigation of alleged criminal conduct on school premises or during a school sponsored activity, or to maintain the educational environment. They may also be summoned for the purpose of maintaining or restoring order when the presence of officers is necessary to prevent injury to persons or property.  Administrators have the responsibility and the authority to determine when the assistance of law enforcement officers is necessary within their respective jurisdictions.

    The District will observe all applicable procedures under the Family Court Act for filing of PINS petitions, Juvenile Delinquency petitions and it will follow the appropriate sections of Penal Law and Criminal Procedure Law and other statutes for filing criminal complaints. 

    Referrals to appropriate home service agencies will be provided by both the Brewster Central School District and Putnam County.  The list of agencies can be found on our website or can be made available by contacting any building principal or the Director of Pupil Personnel Services.

    Referral to law enforcement and judicial authorities for Students with Disabilities
    In accordance with the provisions of IDEA and its implementing regulations,  The District may report a crime committed by a child with a disability to appropriate authorities, and such action will not constitute a change of the student's placement.