• Project Profile: Building Condition Survey Improvements -
    All Buildings


    Background: New York State requires a “Building Condition Survey” (BCS) be performed on each inhabited building every five years.  The 2020-21 BCS was completed during Fall 2020, which evaluated necessary repairs and mechanical system replacements.  These items were assigned priority ratings based on NYSED guidelines, delineating the work to be performed over the course of the next five years (or more).

    Project Highlights: Routine maintenance, similar that which would occur for a typical homeowner

    • Replaces Stadium Synthetic Turf Field (Field #3)
    • Parking lot, curb, and walkway resurfacing
    • Heating improvements, including boiler replacements
    • Ventilation and Air Conditioning improvements, including roof-top unit replacements
    • Roof patching and exterior brick repointing

    Educational Benefit: Monitoring capital investments ensures that critical infrastructure is routinely maintained or replaced before an emergency occurs.  The BCS items represent the most basic upkeep needed to maintain the integrity of our school buildings. 

    Financial Profile: Depending on the nature of the work performed, the cost of the project will be financed by a capital improvement bond repaid over a period of 15-20 years.  Similar to a home mortgage, this spreads the payment out over the useful life of the improvements and minimizes the impact on the taxpayer.

  • **This amount is further offset by the extinguishment of existing debt.  Proposition I is TAX NEUTRAL, as presented at the December 13th Board of Education Meeting.  Information was prepared in consultation with the District’s fiscal advisors (Capital Markets Advisors, LLC), architects (Fuller & D’Angelo Architects, PC), and construction managers (Triton Construction, LLP).

    Presentations/discussions will resume in November 2022 at public Board of Education meetings and workshops.  It is at the Board of Education’s sole discretion as to which projects are considered to move forward in formulating the final scope of the Capital Improvement Project bond referendum.  It is anticipated that the Board of Education will adopt a resolution authorizing a Capital Improvement Project bond referendum at its Tuesday, January 24, 2023 meeting.  The community would then be asked to vote on the bond on Tuesday, March 21, 2023.


    Contributors:  Victor Karlsson (BCSD), Glen Freyer (BCSD)