• Mr. Eure: Distance Learning for English 12

    Office Hours: 10:00AM – 11:00AM.
    Email: meure@brewsterschools.org

    A message about distance learning was sent to all parents and students at 7:55AM on March 25. If you did not receive this email, simply load the first weekly update posted to the course website:

    Distance Learning: Week 1

    That post covers how to contact me, what resources we will be using, and what students will do each day. You can also directly load a longer letter that explains everything in much more detail:

    tinyurl.com/makerspace-update-0325 | English 12: Distance Learning Update (March 25, 2020)
    tinyurl.com/makerspace-update-0325-pdf | PDF version

    There will be daily updates to Google Classroom and weekly updates to the course website (http://sisypheanhigh.com/malachite/). The homepage and menus of the course website contain every necessary resource. On Google Classroom, the Classwork tab contains all formative and summative assignments, plus copies of most resources.