• Report an absence:

     jtrentacoste@brewsterschools.org  @ 845-279-5051 ext 1112

    Attendance Information:

    It is the goal of the Brewster Central School District to ensure that each student attend school the maximum number of days possible and to afford each student the opportunity to meet his/her potential.


    Good attendance and class participation are essential ingredients for academic success. Any absence from class is detrimental to the learning process. Classroom lessons foster and require social interaction, development of effective communication skills, and critical thinking in addition to subject mastery. Textbook or make-up assignments are not an adequate substitute for classroom attendance and participation.

    In order to achieve educational goals and to maintain a true academic environment, students must attend their classes at least the required number of times.

     Absences counted under the attendance/grading policy include:

    •  All absences (whether excused or unexcused) not excluded below;
    •  Lateness to class more than 20 minutes; and
    •  Any period of Out-of-School Suspension ("OSS") where a student does not accept alternative instruction.

       The following should NOT be counted as absences under the attendance policy:

    • In-School Suspension ("ISS");
    • Any period of OSS where student accepts alternative instruction;
    • Attendance at a special education program or service, including home tutoring, offered by a public school or an approved private school or facility when a student is homeless, disabled or incarcerated. (See §175.6 of the Regulations of the NYS Commissioner of Education.)

    Contact Mrs. Jill Trentacoste at jtrentacoste@brewsterschools.org or at 845-279-5051 ext 1112 for attendance record keeping.

    For detailed information regarding Attendance Policy and Procedure, please refer to the Student Handbook.