• The Mindful Moment Room

    Brewster High School's  Mindful Moment Room is designed to give students and staff members a place to maintain or restore a balance in their day. The brainchild of health teacher Rebecca Archer, the space provides a way for anyone feeling anxious, stressed, or conflicted to hit a virtual “pause button” in the midst of the day.

    The Mindful Moment Room (MMR) at BHS is an oasis of calm that is available throughout the day. Students have the opportunity to self-refer to the MMR or teachers may send distressed students for individual assistance with emotional self-regulation. Staff members are also welcome to utilize this space for their own personal wellness throughout the day. The mission of the MMR is to allow students and staff a space of retreat or respite in the building that they can use, as needed, to maintain or restore balance in their daily life. The MMR is designed to be used for 5 - 15 minutes, where individuals can have a quiet place to breathe, focus, and recenter themselves and then return to their regular routine.

    The MMR is located on the 1st floor next to the Modern Language Department along the front hallway.