• Teacher: Marcus Eure

    Course: English Language Arts
    Website: http://sisypheanhigh.com/malachite/

    Office Hours:
    • Mondays — P1, iLC
    • Fridays — P9, Room 210

    Email: meure@brewsterschools.org

    June '23 Note: The final showcase site for senior work is now available.

    All courses are makerspace-inspired studies of writing and reading in the Humanities. Each curriculum prepares students to meet individual goals while maintaining complete fidelity to the frameworks and expectations used by all teachers.

    Students are given unique versions of flipped instruction, project-based learning, and alternative assessment. This frees them up to do authentic work in a collaborative environment.

    One focus is on reigniting the writing and reading lives of students before they leave public school. We use a universal writing process and a reflective, student-driven reading process to empower even the most reluctant students. 

    Instructional materials, course guides, and other critical resources are posted to the course website (http://sisypheanhigh.com/malachite/). On Google Classroom, the Classwork tab will contain all formative and summative assignments, plus copies of most resources.

    The syllabus and curriculum for all courses can be found on the course website and on Google Classroom.