• Stanton-Anthony Symposium 2023

    Influential Women of the Hudson Valley

    Hosted by Brewster High School’s Women's History Course in partnership with the Putnam County Historian’s Office, 2023

  • Group shot of all the panelists
    25 Panelists from across different career fields gathered at Brewster High School to honor their
    legacy and hard work to pave the way for women around the world.

  • Brewster High School partnered with the Putnam County Historian’s office to host the first ever student-moderated panel in honor of Women’s History month. Called The Stanton-Anthony Symposium: Influential Women of the Hudson Valley, it took place on Thursday, March 23, 2023.

    Panelists represented women involved in business, law, civic engagement, politics, writing, art, science, and medicine – all of whom call the Hudson Valley home. Panels were moderated by Brewster High School students enrolled in Dutchess Community College’s History of Women in the U.S., the first women’s history class to be taught at the high school.

    Many of the panelists in attendance had a connection to Brewster High School; some were parents, others were local business owners. After registering for the event, students selected panels based on their future aspirations. After the panels ended, there were opportunities for students to network and build relationships with professionals in their desired fields.  And for many of our graduating seniors, this was a unique chance to practice what they need to know to succeed in the real world. 


  • The students of DCC: History of Women in the US Emily Babio, Olivia Mesika,
    Nina Defazio, Darya Moein, Kelsy Miranda, Angelina Perez, Shyanne Baez, Grace Garecht,
    and Brianelly Muñoz, who ran the Stanton Anthony Symposium with teacher,
    Mrs. Corvino and keynote speaker, Melissa Windecker, State Department