Operation Safe Stop

  • Transportation Supervisors met with the Putnam County Traffic Safety Board to discuss how we can work together as a team to effective reduce the incidences of illegal passing of school busses.

    Our Goal:  STOP Red Light Offenders!

    In this meeting, we outlined EDUCATION and AWARENESS to be the primary components for a successful program.

    The Brewster Schools Transportation Department regularly observes and regulates the driver’s proper stopping procedure to be within compliance of the law.(15 NYCRR 6.8 c)

    Our school bus passengers are reminded daily on how to enter and exit the school bus safely and to follow the safe crossing procedures.(8 NYCRR 153.3 d4)

    Here are some ways we can work together to help promote safety and enhance the awareness of the law and the dangers of illegally passing a school bus.

    • Be at the bus stop 5 minutes early and limit your conversation with the driver. A bus stopped for a prolonged period of time will confuse the motorist and they will be tempted to pass.
    • Contact your transportation department with all questions and concerns.
    • Review the “Safe Crossing Procedure”(below) and the 6 life saving tips(below) in the classroom and at home.
    • Remind your Student to always pay attention to the driver when getting on and off the school bus.
    • Share with your friends and family that it is illegal to pass a stopped school bus when the red lights are flashing. This includes times when students are boarding/deboarding on school property.
    • Remember, illegally passing a stopped school bus can cost you a citation, fines, points on your license, and the unforgivable student injury.
    • If you witness a motorist illegally pass a school bus immediately report the license plate to your local law enforcement agency.
    • Report to the Transportation Department specific locations you have repeatedly witnessed these RED LIGHT offenders.

    We plan to work closely with our drivers, the Putnam County Traffic Safety Board, the Sheriff’s Department, and the State police to reduce these Red Light offenders and enhance the safety of the students in our community.

    Below is some helpful information regarding school bus safety: