• Policy 5710 Student Transportation                                                             

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    The Board of Education affirms its goal of providing a safe and economical transportation system for district students. Transportation shall be provided at district expense to those students who are eligible as authorized by the Board. 

    The major objectives in the management of the student transportation program shall include the following:to provide efficient, effective and safe service;

    1. to ensure that all students whose disability or distance from school requires them to receive necessary transportation do, in fact, receive it;
    2. to adapt the system to the demands of the instructional program;
    3. to maintain transportation vehicles in the best possible condition;
    4. to review at least once a year school bus schedules and routing plans to ensure that maximum efficiency and safety are maintained; and
    5. to review at least once a year the eligibility for transportation of students residing in the district, to ensure that all entitled to the services receive them.

    The Superintendent of Schools shall be responsible for administering the transportation program. The program shall comply with all applicable laws, regulations and policies established by federal, state and local authorities.

    School Bus Scheduling and Routing

    The District Transportation Supervisor shall establish bus routes. Authorized bus stops shall be located at reasonable intervals in places where students may embark and disembark the buses, cross highways, and await the arrival of buses in the utmost safety allowed by road conditions.

    The District may either mail schedules directly to parents or request that parents pick up schedules at the school. Should the District decide to post school bus schedules online, access to the schedules will be password protected.

    Changes in Regular Bus Stops

    Resident students attending district schools may be provided transportation to alternate sites after school, such as childcare or employment. The district will try to accommodate emergencies. Transportation to birthday parties, Boy or Girl Scout meetings, music/dance lessons, medical appointments, etc. will not be provided.

    Students desiring transportation to an after-school job must complete the required forms, have them signed by a parent/guardian, submitted for the Building Principal's approval, and sent to the Transportation Office. These requests will be granted if there is room on the bus, if the stop is on an existing bus route, and it is at no extra cost to the district. Students will use existing bus stops unless approval for a new bus stop has been approved by the Transportation Supervisor.

    5725 Transportation to Child Care Facilities

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    Adopted:  10/10/2000
    Revised and Adopted:  7/11/2017