• Brewster High School's  Mindful Moment Room designed to give students and staff members a place to maintain or restore a balance in their day. The brainchild of health teacher Rebecca Archer, the space provides a way for anyone feeling anxious, stressed or conflicted to hit a virtual “pause button” in the midst of the day.

    Accessible to everyone—not just staff or special club members—the space is designed to be used as a place to stop, focus, and re-center yourself before continuing with your day. “In a lot of ways, it can be used for prevention before we get too overwhelmed,” Archer explained. “Mindfulness creates space so that we can make more thoughtful decisions instead of knee jerk reactions.”

    To achieve that, the space was thoughtfully put together. The lighting is dim and the vibe is calm and inviting. Realistic electric candles flicker and soft music plays. Around the room you can find things like a singing bowl and chimes, puzzles, coloring paper and sudoku puzzles, yoga mats and more.