• Public Comment Statement

    Public comments are allowed at the designated times indicated on the agenda or when motioned and accepted to be added thru a vote by the Board. Comments must be specific to the section in which they are allowed. Open comments are allowed toward the end of the meeting. As a reminder, Board Meetings are for the Board Trustees to conduct the business of the district in an open setting for observation. While public comments are not required at a Board Meeting, we understand that our community members wish to be heard on various issues and we believe public comments can be helpful to the Board, to both share in the successes of the District and to resolve issues affecting our District. However, a public comment period is effective only if the comments are concise and delivered with respect and common courtesy to everyone present.  No speaker may comment on or identify any particular student or employee by name or situation in his/her comments.

    We ask that the following 3 rules be followed:

    First: All those who wish to comment must do so from the podium and must state their name. The Board President will indicate when comments are permitted and will maintain order for each speaker.

    Second: Speakers will have three minutes to comment. At three minutes, speakers will be prompted to finish their thought.

    Third: All those present will remain quiet and be respectful while a speaker is addressing the Board from the podium. All comments are to be directed only to the Board.

    This time is for comment only. Any questions asked may be answered at the discretion of the Board at the close of the public comment period. If a Board meeting becomes unruly at any point, the Board may elect to suspend public comment, members of the audience may be asked to leave, a recess may be called or the meeting may be adjourned.

    We would like to thank the community in advance for your cooperation.