The Board of Education, as a representative of the District, wishes to provide an avenue for citizens to express their interest in and concerns for the schools. Accordingly, the public is cordially invited to attend and, at the designated times, participate in any and all public Board meetings.

    Meetings of the Board are conducted for the purpose of carrying on the business of the schools and, therefore, are not public meetings, but meetings held in public. The President shall be responsible for the orderly conduct of the meeting and shall rule on such matters as the time to be allowed for public comment and the appropriateness of the subject being presented. The President shall have the right to discontinue any presentation which violates this policy.

    The Board will not permit in public session discussion involving individual district personnel or students. Persons wishing to discuss matters involving individual district personnel or students should present their comments and/or concerns to the Superintendent during regular business hours.

    The Board of Education recognizes the value of public comment on educational issues and matters of public interest. In order to permit the fair and orderly expression of public comment, the following rules will govern and will be administered by the presiding officer.

    All speakers are to conduct themselves in a civil manner. Obscene language, libelous statements, threats of violence, statements advocating racial, religious, or other forms of prejudice will not be tolerated.

    Personnel matters will not be discussed at any time during a public meeting. The second public comment period at the end of the business meeting is a time for community members to ask questions, present petitions, or make statements regarding either the evening’s agenda or a particular issue or concern. The Board will take such issues under advisement. Neither public comment period is a time for public discussion.

    • To facilitate follow-up if necessary, if you wish to speak, place your name, telephone number, email address, and mailing address on the sign-in list, indicating the topic of your comments.
    • Public comments are made at the podium. At the time of your comment, please begin by: ○ Stating your name for the record ○ Identifying any group or organization you represent
    • Comments are limited to a maximum of three (3) minutes per speaker. A speaker may not yield his/her time to another speaker in order to extend the time for comment. Should multiple individuals seek to speak for the same organization on one topic, the Board may require the organization to select one speaker for the group. Board members and the Superintendent shall have the privilege of asking questions of any person who addresses the Board.
    • No speaker may comment on or identify any particular student or employee by name or situation in his/her comments.
    • All comments are to be directed to the Board president or designee.
    • Handouts and/or petitions are to be given only to the district clerk for distribution to the Board. The Board will receive and consider all written comments.

    Community members may also write to the Board via email at BOE@brewsterschools.org or directly to the Superintendent of Schools. Board Policy 3230 Public Complaints includes the procedure for resolving parent and community complaints.

    Questions and comments from the public concerning matters which are not on the agenda will be taken under consideration and referred to the Superintendent for appropriate action. Persons wishing to have matters included on the agenda shall contact the Superintendent in accordance with Policy 1520, Agenda Preparation and Dissemination.

    District records available to the public under FOIL, as well as any proposed rule, regulation, policy or amendment, scheduled to be discussed at a Board meeting, will be made available upon request, to the extent practicable, prior to the meeting. Copies of such records may be made available for a reasonable fee. These records will be posted on the website to the extent practicable, prior to the meeting.

    1520 Agenda Preparation and Dissemination
    1540 Executive Sessions
    3230 Public Complaints 

    Adopted:  8/14/2000
    Revised and Approved:  10/18/2016
    Revised and Adopted:  2/21/2017
    Revised and Adopted:  10/15/2019
    Revised and Adopted: 7/7/2020