Brewster High School students do an amazing job of positively contributing to the community. Effective September 1, 2021, we will begin to track community service (hours and tasks) via Passport for Good, a digital app. By definition, community service is, “voluntary (unpaid) work intended to help people”. The minimum requirements for community service are as follows: 

    1. Class of 2022: 5 hours
    2. Class of 2023: 10 hours
    3. Class of 2024: 20 hours
    4. Class of 2025: 20 hours 

    What is P4G?

    Passport For Good is a student-driven engagement platform designed to capture and measure community service, extracurriculars, and career development. You can capture time spent outside of the classroom with personal ratings and reflections. 

    How do I log into P4G?

    Go to https://www.p4g.app/BCSD
    Select Log in with Google. Use your school email address.
    Agree to the terms and conditions and your account is set up!

    Why are we using P4G?

    As a student, you have the opportunity to easily record and monitor all of your activities in and outside your groups, clubs, and community organizations. Our district is providing Passport For Good to all students to have the ability to reflect and journal activities that will prepare them for college, career, and civic readiness after high school.

    How does P4G work?

    As you participate in clubs and community service events, you can utilize P4G to log your entries as one of the categories within P4G. When you are adding an entry, list a supervisor who can electronically receive an email to verify your entry. Be sure to tell your supervisor, so they expect and look for the email. 

    How do I access Passport For Good on my phone?

    P4G is a responsive, web-based application that you can access on any device.  If you want to save P4G as an app on your phone, click to follow those instructions (on Apple or Android devices).

    How do I check if my entries are approved or “stamped”?

    • Click on the menu in the top right corner, select My Passport.
    • Select View All under My Entries and find the entry you’re looking for.   
    • An icon will appear for each entry showing you the stamp status.

    Additional help can be found here.

    What should I do if my entry hasn’t been approved yet?

    Whoever you list as a supervisor will get an email with an encrypted link to verify your hours.  If they don’t stamp your entry, they will get weekly reminder emails.  Make sure to remind your supervisor to stamp your entry if it’s been pending for a while.

    What if I don’t belong to any clubs or groups at my school? What would I use Passport For Good to capture?

    Every student is automatically a part of their graduating class inside P4G.  This means you’re able to record any community service or participation in non-school-sponsored events in P4G as well!

    What should I type in the “Reflection?” 

    Reflections should contain information about how your time was spent completing the activity or event you participated in. What did you learn? How did the event do? Why was it fun? Who did you impact? All of these questions can be answered to provide context for future resumes, job applications, scholarships, and college applications.

    Can I access P4G after I graduate?

    Yes! All you need to do is change your email address from your school email to a personal email and you can continue using P4G to chronicle your entries. Here’s some step-by-step instructions on how to do that.

    How do I get help if I have a problem or question?

    Feel free to e-mail P4G support for any questions about your account or adding entries to support@passportforgood.com! Be sure to check out our support page using the           icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. If you are still struggling, please make an appointment to see Mrs. Lauren Cole, BHS Assistant Principal.