• Volunteer Opportunities

    INCubatoredu is a program providing authentic, collaborative learning experiences for students. The INCubatoredu program provides the curriculum for entrepreneurship classes where real-world entrepreneurs and business experts serve as coaches and mentors guiding student teams through the process of ideation, market research, and business plan development.  Volunteers bring "real" to the curriculum by sharing professional experiences through mentorship and coaching. 

    In order for this program to be a success, we will need the support of experienced, professional community members.  We invite you to share your expertise with our students by volunteering to become an INCubatoredu coach or mentor.



    •  COACH

      • Work with students in their class as you help them learn material you present through lectures and activities.
      • Choose a lesson that aligns with your area of business expertise.
      • Work closely with your teacher to ensure you have access to the materials needed for the days you are in class.

    • MENTOR

      • Facilitate learning (different than directly teaching).
      • Students will need help learning how to find the answers to their questions themselves.
      • Meet with students once a week for at least an hour.


      • Offer strategic direction to student teams.
      • Visit the classroom two times during the school year.
      • Participate in the MVP Pitch and Final Pitch (Academic and Live competition).


Watch this video to see what it's like to be an INCubatoredu Coach, Mentor, or Judge.

  • Here are how INCubatoredu students benefit from the mentorship & industry connection:

    “We love our coaches and mentors because we get a new perspective every time they come in.”

    “Each time a coach comes in, it’s a different vibe - coaches have energy and are excited to be here and that makes us excited!”

    “Having volunteers pushes us harder and makes us realize that people want us to succeed.”