• Athletic Physicals

    Due to the Pandemic, New York State has relaxed guidelines with regard to athletic physicals.  However, a school district does maintain the right to enforce a policy that it feels is in the best interests of it’s athletes.  The Brewster Central School District, in consultation with our school district physician, Dr. Louis Corsaro, will maintain and enforce the policy that an athletic physical has to be renewed every school year.  It is important to point out that our athletes have experienced a deconditioning process since March 2020 with the cessation of organized school athletics. As such, this makes the importance of up to date athletic physicals even more important than any time in recent past. In communication with other Districts, there is consensus that athletic physicals must be up to date. As Pediatric offices have now been able to perform yearly and sport physicals safely, there is no realistic barrier to obtaining a required athletic physical.