• Dear Brewster Families and Caregivers,

    I am often asked similar questions by community members about the athletic department. In an effort to be helpful, I have put together a list of topics, questions and basic answers to the questions. As always, if you need further assistance, please contact the athletic office at 845-279-5051 x 1148.

    Thank you.

    Dean Berardo
    Director of Physical Education, Health and Athletics

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is needed to play?

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    • Brewster Athletics Permission Packet
      • Code of Ethics
      • Physical Sheet
      • Health History
      • ImPact Test - Permission or Refusal
        • Concussion Management Policy
        • Return to Play Protocols
      • Sports Clearance/Medical Note
      • Parent Code of Conduct

    To register your athlete, please see the Famil ID information on the athletics web page and register online.  Paper packets are available in the athletic office as necessary.

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  • What to do in case of an injury; How is insurance handled?

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    • Medical Note - copy for coach, nurse, physical education teacher
    • Accident reports - responsibility of the coach
    • Insurance
      • Parents insurance covereage is picked up first
      • District coverage is picked up second.  Some costs may not be covered.
      • If you have a need for District insurance, please contact the Athletic Office and we will assist you.
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  • What is expected of my athlete?

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    • Follow the Code of Ethics, coaches training rules, team rules and school rules (the BHS/WMS handbooks will be consulted with any potential disciplinary issues)
    • Be on time and prepared for practices, meetings and games
    • Work hard in practice and play hard in games
    • Put team goals ahead of personal goals
    • Work to excel in academics
    • Be a role model for all students before, during and after school
    • Have pride in yourself, your team, your school and your athletic facilities
    • Exhibit good sportsmanship towards opponents, officials, teammates and fans
    • Accept the results, learn from the mistakes, focus on the goal and never give up
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  • What if I have a problem with a coach?

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    Keys to successful communication between parent, player and coach:

    • If a concern arises during the season, the player is asked to discuss the situation with the coach as soon as possible.
    • Parents with a concern are asked to speak directly with the coach by making an appointment by calling him or the athletic department. Please do not confront a coach during a game or practice. Often when a concern is voiced, emotions can run high. An emotionally charged discussion will not help solve any potential difficulties. Please wait 24 hours after a game to speak with a coach (24 hour rule).
    • If parents are still not satisfied after speaking with the coach, please set up a meeting with the athletic director and coach.

    Appropriate issues to discuss with coaches:

    • the treatment of your child mentally and physically
    • ways to help your child improve
    • concerns about the behavior of your child

    Issues not appropriate for parental discussion:

    • playing time of athletes
    • team strategy or play calling
    • other student athletes
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  • Parenting Your Student Athlete

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    • Keep all cheering positive. Do not use profanity, degrading language and or gestures.
    • Avoid actions, which offend officials, opposing teams, or individual players.
    • Accept the judgment and decisions of all coaches and officials.
    • Show appreciation of good play of both teams.
    • Treat all opposing teams and spectators with respect.
    • Encourage all spectators to participate in the spirit of good sportsmanship.
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  • Transportation

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    • Transportation/Driving to games (AP Exam Week):
      • a parent can only transport his/her own child to a game with a note by the athlete’s parent that has been approved by the Athletic Director
    • Away Game Procedure - Transportation Home from Athletic Contests
      An athlete may travel home from an athletic contest with a parent, guardian or another adult provided the following:
      1. The parent writes, dates and signs a note stating that their athlete may go home with another parent after a contest. The note must be handed in ahead of time and be approved by the Athletic Director.
      2. The parent picks up the athlete in front of the coach and signs a team roster next to the player's name stating such. (ie. Game vs. Opponent, Date, Player Name, Parent Signature)
      3. An athlete may not go home with a sibling or friend.

    Absent compliance with the above requirements, athletes will be provided transportation by the District back to their point of departure or to another appropriate school within the District.

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  • Modified Sports

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    The Philosophy of the Modified Sports Program is listed in our Mission Statement. An athlete that is is in 7th or 8th grade may be eligible to participate in the Athletic Placement Process to play ‘up’ at a higher (jv or varsity) level. Please refer to the Athletic Placement Process procedures on the website. An athlete does not have to complete a physical fitness test to participate in a modified sport. The athlete needs to be properly registered, participate in the selection process and be selected for the team.

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