• Mission Statement/Level of Programs Offered by Athletics Department

    Mission Statement

    The Brewster High School Athletic Department encourages participation in interscholastic athletics that promote the physical and emotional development of the student. It is our goal that a student-athlete develops lifelong healthy habits in physical fitness, personal wellness and nutrition. We also seek to instill character traits of sportsmanship, fair play and responsibility for one’s actions and we promote respectful communication between players and coaches. Since we work hard to achieve success at the League, Section and State levels, we realize that developing a well-rounded individual who proudly represents his or her community is just as important as winning!

    Levels of Programs offered by the Brewster Athletic Department

    The Brewster Central School District is a member of the New York State Public High School Athletic Association (NYSPHSAA) and Section 1. The Brewster Athletic Program offers 56 teams in 23 sports. A sport or program may have up to three levels of teams in its program: modified, junior varsity and varsity. The number of teams offered in a program varies and may change yearly due to Section 1 offerings, budgetary concerns, or for other reasons.

    Modified Teams

    A modified team is the first level of team that is offered in some programs. Modified teams are important since these teams provide the transition from youth to school sports. Modified teams are designed for 7th and 8th grade student athletes. The emphasis of modified teams is on the development of skill and the introduction of game strategies. The modified athlete assumes the responsibility of getting themselves and their equipment to practice. In addition, the athlete communicates with the coach and their parents about the day-to-day activities of the team. The modified athlete may need to make a four or five day per week commitment to the team. Games and practice are not usually scheduled on days when school is not in session or during vacation periods.

    Depending on the sport and or team, there may be a tryout/selection process. This would be due to the large numbers of athletes who may want to play on a team with a limited number of positions on the court or field.

    Participation is the most important goal for the modified athlete. It is our goal to have every player participate in each game and the best players may play toward the end of the game. In certain sports there are additional quarters of playing time, providing for increased playing opportunity.

    Junior Varsity Teams

    The junior varsity programs are designed for freshman, sophomores and juniors, who are working to develop/refine their skills so that they may participate at the varsity level in the future. An opportunity to play on the team may be earned through the tryout/selection process. The junior varsity teams balance skill development with the strategic development that is necessary for higher-level competition. The junior varsity player begins to develop the expanded commitment that is needed for the varsity athlete. A strong commitment is necessary since practice may be held on days that school is not in session or during vacation periods.

    At the junior varsity levels, players begin to develop roles based upon their skill levels. Although the better skilled players play more, it is hoped that each player can see action every game.

    Varsity Teams

    The varsity programs at Brewster High School are the top level of each team’s program. The success of the team is the most important goal. The highest skilled players play on these teams regardless of the athlete’s grade level. Positions are not guaranteed for any player including a senior. An opportunity to play every year is earned through the tryout/selection process. A varsity athlete must realize that participating on a varsity team requires a strong commitment including participation six days per week. At times, this commitment is necessary on days when school is not in session or during vacation periods.

    Varsity level teams are created with the role of each athlete in mind. A coach designs his or her roster based the number of players that can effectively fulfill the necessary starting roles on the team and provide depth at each position. While it is hoped that each player actively participates during the season, playing time in every game is not guaranteed for each player and it is within the coach’s exclusive purview.

    Please note that it is the responsibility of the athlete to tell the coach what level of team that he or she is trying out for. If an athlete does not make a team at a specific level, it DOES NOT mean that he or she will automatically be placed on a lower level team (i.e. if an athlete does not make a varsity team, he or she will not be automatically placed on the junior varsity team). Roster decisions will be made on a case by case basis.